Micah Wylde
web developer • coder • designer
recently, I

interned at twilio where I built a distributed load tester for stressing the twilio client servers prior to launch. Flexible enough to test RTMP, SIP, WebSocket and HTTP services, it also includes system monitoring and a powerful web interface built with Backbone.js. More information is available in this presentation.

co-authored a paper which was presented at the Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS 11). The research concerned heuristics for real-time scheduling on a certain class of problems defined by time utility functions (TUF) and with stochastic, non-preemptive execution times. The paper is available from the IEEE.

built a raytracer in Haskell with support for spheres, triangles and planes, as well as several advanced rendering techniques. The code is at github.com.

built a Ruby on Rails application for Rails Rumble 2010 that provides persistant chat and other collaboration features for GitHub repositories. Code is at github, hosted version at gitchat.com.

became fed up with the room control and automation systems from AMX in use at Wesleyan University where I study. So I decided to build my own: Roomtrol. Using commodity hardware, a heavily customized linux distribution, a lot of Ruby and an HTML5 touch screen interface built using Backbone.js I was able to deliver better reliability, usability and features than our old systems at a tenth of the cost.

also built a Sproutcore-based web interface to the Roomtrol system, which allows IT technicians to control, monitor and configure Roomtrol devices from anywhere. Backed by a Node.js server providing instant updates via web sockets, Roomtrol web makes it possible for a small staff to manage dozens of rooms.